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Patent Office Litigation

Since the implementation of the America Invents Act of 2011, the IP arena has been in a state of flux.  In this environment, our Patent Office Litigation team has emerged as a dominant force, having represented both petitioners and patent owners, in a wide range of the USPTO's technology centers – biotech and chemical, electrical, and mechanical.

Why Sterne Kessler?

  • We filed four of the first ten inter partes reviews at the USPTO.
  • We lead all firms in number of successful final written decisions, with nearly 100% of our completed trials resulting in positive outcomes for firm clients.
  • We lead the pack in institution success. When representing petitioners, Sterne Kessler obtains institution at a rate of 84.2%, significantly higher than the average rate of 76.9% and higher than the other leading firms.
  • When representing patent owners, Sterne Kessler has trial denied at a rate of 29.1%, well above the average of 22.5%.
  • Sterne Kessler is second in terms of the number of representations, with involvement in 225+ post-grant challenges.

Sterne Kessler is experienced in all proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, including:

(2) Patent Office Litigation - We Wrote the Book.

Patent Office Litigation - We Wrote the Book.
A Case Study:

Patent Office Litigation - We Wrote the Book.

Our book Patent Office Litigation is a two-volume set focused on the new contested proceedings under the America Invents Act.

(3) The PTO Litigation Center

The PTO Litigation Center

An online resource for analysis, statistics, and updates on contested proceedings at the USPTO, including inter partes review, covered business method patent review, and patent reexamination.

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